Product Illustration

Academic & Yearly Planner

Design and illustrations of a Cover for a planner and 15 illustrations for each month.
Fifteen illustrations were created for a planner and appeared before the beginning of each month. The challenge was that the illustrations needed to function not only as stand-alone pieces but also work cohesively with the others in the series to tell a story when viewed together.

The idea was to depict a woman going on a travelling adventure, with each illustration being able to serve as both a standalone piece and part of a story when viewed together.
Beginning in October, she is shown sitting at her desk, gazing at the mountains. In November, she is seen packing for the trip, and in December, she sets off. The new year in January marks the start of her adventure, and each subsequent illustration contains a subtle clue about where she will go next. The journey comes full circle, with the woman ultimately ending her adventure in a hot air balloon and the message that the next adventure awaits.
The cover of the calendar was composed of small spot illustrations that were additionally illustrated for each month.

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