Drawing Challenge


This series of illustrations was created for the #powerfulwomenweek drawing challenge on Instagram, which consisted of a week-long series of prompts centered around celebrating strong women.
For this challenge, I chose to depict powerful women alongside their dinosaur companions. Each of the seven illustrations showcases a different woman and her unique dinosaur, each representing a different aspect of power and strength. For example, one illustration features a woman and her T-Rex, symbolizing a fierce and dominant spirit. Another illustration depicts a woman riding on the back of a pterodactyl, representing freedom and adventure. Each illustration is carefully crafted with attention to detail, utilizing bold and bright colors to create a sense of dynamism and energy.

Overall, this series of illustrations celebrates the strength and power of women and their ability to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

The prompts:
  • Soul Sisters
  • Femme and Fierce
  • My Body
  • Hear me roar
  • Girl boss
  • You are enough

This challenge created by these lovely ladies and amazing artists:
  • Part of: #powerfulwomenweek challenge
  • Year: 2019
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