Flash Fiction

Skylark | Heart Issue

Illustration for a flash fiction for the Heart Issue of Popshot Magazine written by Allan Miller.

Without spoiling the story, the illustration tries to captures the essence of it, showcasing showcasing the main character's desire to capture the sound of his favourite bird, the skylark. The man is depicted standing in the midst of a starry night sky, holding a net that holds a bright and lush landscape. The landscape is filled with vibrant colours and is adorned with the flight of skylarks, their wings creating graceful arcs across the sky. The illustration shows the man's longing to capture the beauty of nature and the sound of the skylark's song. The net represents his desire to capture this sound, and to hold onto it. The bright and vibrant colours of the landscape contrast with the dark and mysterious night sky. This contrast helps to draw the viewer's eye towards the man and the net, making them the focal point of the image.

Overall, I wanted the illustration to capture the beauty of nature and the desire to hold onto its most precious sounds. Return to portfolio
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