Thesis Project

Baker of Stars

As part of my diploma thesis, I wrote and illustrated a picture book titled „Baker of Stars".
The book is about Emma and her father. Following in the footsteps of his astronomy-loving ancestors, Emma's father builds a spaceship for his daughter so she can reach for the stars. But Emma has her own dreams that she wants to follow. She wants to be a confectioner.
When Emma stands up for her dream, a big argument ensues and they are faced with the challenge of closing the distance between their divided worlds. Emma's father learns that there is an alternative path to the family tradition without giving it up entirely. Emma learns the importance of honesty, that it is necessary to stand up for yourself and your hopes and dreams.
The break with the rigid tradition finally leads to the metamorphosis of the spaceship into a common world in which both daughter and father can share their dreams. In the end, they bridge their differences, find a solution, and open "Emma's flying sugar factory".

  • Master Thesis Project
  • Year: 2020
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