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Elisabeth Theo

is an illustrator and artist based in Vienna, Austria, with an appreciation for fantastical tales and rich colors. Inspired by fictional worlds, people watching, and the oddities and wonders of nature, she loves bringing abstract ideas to life with illustrations that let people's imagination wander.
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Book Cover and Book Illustration

Illustrations for Children's Books

Editorial Illustration

Illustration for Packaging

Commercial Illustration

Illustration for Greeting Cards and Stationery

Fine Art Paintings

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I'm a professional creative with almost 10 years of experience in design and illustration. I have a Master's Degree in Communication Design from the University of Applied Arts, and have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a branding agency for three years. During that time, I honed my skills in creating visual identities, poster designs, and marketing materials. I learned how to tell a brand's story and values through design, and how to make sure that every element is consistent and impactful.
For the last couple of years, I've been working as a freelance illustrator, bringing stories to life through colorful and engaging visuals.

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